Post Graduate (PG)

M.Sc Corporate Psychology launches!

The Department of Psychology is proud to launch a unique Post-Graduate course, M.Sc Corporate Psychology in the year 2014. This course focuses is primarily people-oriented in the corporate set-up and key areas of career opportunities include Human Resources, Training, Corporate Counselling etc.

The course began with seven students, and here’s what they have to say!

“The first experience I’ve ever had in presenting a seminar was when I took up my Post Graduate studies. Corporate Psychology has given me so many opportunities in public speaking that I have greatly improved my communication and interpersonal skills.”

– Padmashree Bhat. (B.Com graduate)

“ I have realized what I am capable of and have found a platform to exercise my potentials to the fullest”

– Prasanna Kumari. (B.Com graduate)

“I am glad to have found the right course for my career objectives. The subjects we study are all practically applicable and practice- oriented rather than simply theoretical. What we learn is very useful for us to apply in a real work- situation, and not just to reproduce in ink on paper for an examination.”

– Shyamala G. Nair. (B.Sc graduate)

“Corporate Psychology goes beyond the boundaries of classroom teaching and provides us with a lot of opportunities to apply our learning through various practical sessions. Moreover, one full semester of internship provides us a complete work experience and platform to actually apply our three semesters of classes”

– Madhumitha Mandal. (BA graduate)

“Corporate Psychology at SAC is intense. It is intense because of the kind of exposure we receive and the kind of responsibility that is given to us to develop our own selves. Our professors are more like ‘guides’, in the sense that, they help us to help ourselves and be independent. The amount of self- development and self-study that happens in this course is truly enriching and will take us a long way in life.”

– Hadley D’Souza. (BA graduate)

“M.Sc Corporate Psychology has helped me enhance my abilities, knowledge and skills through an environment of self- employment. All in all, it has demonstrated the limitlessness of my opportunities in life shed light on the path that is right for my career.”

– Aaron D’Mello. (BHRD graduate)

“Coming from a background of Commerce, with work experience, Corporate Psychology has enhanced my prospects for growth even further. Between the two choices given to me for my masters studies i.e. MBA and M.Sc Corporate Psychology, I am glad to have chosen the latter as when I compare the topics of study of both, I find them to be similar. CorPsy however gives us intensive training in Psychometric Testing and to develop our own Training session and here the field of management gets coloured with the field of Psychology.”

– Nikitha Serrao. (B.Com graduate)