A Workshop on Hypnotherapy

Originally Posted on: Mar 20, 2012

A workshop on hypnotherapy was organized by St Agnes PG department of Mangalore on 14-3-2012, Wednesday. The resource person was Dr C.J. Jayachandra or Bangalore who is a well-known hypnotherapist with a care solved more than 18,000 clients. There was two sessions conducted. In the morning session, Dr spoke what hypnosis is about. Evolution of hypnosis; who found it? Application of hypnosis; how it was transformed to Hypnotherapy, and other information about hypnotherapy. All the two sessions were interactive; students asked many interesting questions and made a way for debate. He demonstrated demo of how hypnosis is done, and what the procedure is.

In the after session he conducted a mass relaxation technique and also taught about the self-hypnosis. He demonstrated self- hypnosis in which he took the participant to the trance-state, where he with the use of syringe, he removed blood from the participants body. Till the participant was told about the blood removal, he never knew about what had happened. When we heard about participant’s experience, in which he said that he was happily playing with his family members; he added that he had no memories of childhood, playing with his father during hypnosis, he could even remembered those things. He also narrated one event, which he remembered, he was relaxed and calm. He was happy that he found finally, what he was searching once. He didn’t have any paining sensation, because he didn’t know what had happened till his told him. He totally looked fresh and relaxed.

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