Christmas Stay Forever

Originally Posted on: Dec 28, 2013

The students of The Department of Psychology celebrated Christmas on the 21st of December, Saturday- complete with presents, carols and Santa Claus! As has been the tradition each year, the students of each year played the ‘Secret Santa’ game and exchanged their presents on the day of the celebration.

The Department of Psychology put on a festive look with all the decorations put up by the students of the Final Year. The one hour program began with carol singing by the students, followed by a series of Christmas wishes and messages too. Throughout, the presence of Santa Claus enhanced the overall feeling of joy and celebration and topped the festive mood. The small yet warm celebration culminated with the students giving gifts to their ‘Secret Friends’ and receiving gifts from their ‘Secret Santa’s’. It was all a flurry of colour, excitement and warmth that will be earnestly looked forward to by all the members of the department again.

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