Visit to Aloysian Boys Home

Originally Posted on: Dec 17, 2012

The psychology students of second year visited Aloysian boy’s home, Ullal on Saturday the 15th of December, 2012. These students currently studying child psychology, conducted a number of activities for children, ranging in age from 4yrs to 15 years. The two hours spent at the Home saw a delightful union of the Psychology students and the children of the Home with one conducting and both participating in the activities like Bomb in the City, Dumb-charades, passing the ball etc. Prizes were distributed to the. While the visit was a part of the curriculum of the students, it also was a method to sensitize them towards those who are disadvantaged and to instill in them the virtues of love and sympathy to the people around them, which is very important in the formation of the psychologists of tomorrow. For most, this visit has been the first experience of its kind, and are very thankful for having had such an opportunity.

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