The Salem Workshop

Originally Posted on: Dec 23, 2011

Eight third-year students attended a national workshop on ‘Transaction Analysis (T.A.) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.),’ on December 12 and 13, in Salem, Tamil Nadu. The workshop was organised by the Department of Psychology, Periyar University, Salem. The resource person was Mr P.A. Abdul Salam, a certified transactional analyst and NLP Master Practitioner. He is also the regional director of Central Board for Workers Education, Cochin.

The two-day workshop introduced concepts of T.A. and N.L.P. to the students. The first day focused on T.A. as it saw discussions on the different ego states of parent, adult, and child, along with the importance of ‘strokes,’ The concepts of ‘time structuring,’ ‘life positions,’ ‘discounting,’ ‘psychological games,’ and ‘life scripts’ were also familiarised. The second day stressed on the principles and practices of N.L.P. The basic premises of ‘rapport,’ ‘outcome,’ ‘sensory acuity,’ and ‘behaviour flexibility’ were talked about, along with the neurological levels and their influence on behaviour.

“Emotions are not inappropriate; there can only be inappropriate ways of handling emotions,” said Mr Salam and emphasised that one can be free of stress in any ego state, and that there is no right or wrong ego state. “Ego states only depend on the demands of the situation,” he said. On the second day, Mr Salim added “People respond to their maps of reality and not reality itself.”

The eight students who attended the workshop were Nimitha K.V., Haripriya P.S., Anupama S., Haritha R., Kavyasree R., Manasi M.S., Gayatri Menon, and Adeesh A.