Reel Therapy Workshop

Originally Posted on: Nov 9, 2012

A Reel Therapy workshop was conducted by the Cadabam’s Group of Psycho- Social Rehabilitation Centre on 2nd November in the J.S.S Auditorium. As a part of their 20th year celebration, Dr Nitin Shukla, one of the youngest Psychiatrists in India and Dr B.R Madhukar an eminent and visiting consultant Psychiatrist at the Cadabam’s group inaugurated this workshop.

The resource person for the workshop was Dr Birgit Wolz, an American Psychotherapist and Reel therapist practicing in Loch Lomond, California. She described the use of Cinema Therapy which can be effectively incorporated along with other therapeutic measures to treat clients. She emphasized on the impact that movies can have on the viewers and on certain scenes that have the tendency to grasp our attention more than the others. Dr Brigit Wolz screened few movie clips and made us reflect about what the character, sound or scene had to offer. The workshop was indeed a great insight to all professionals as well as students aspiring to become future therapists.

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