Manasa Payana

Originally Posted on: Dec 01, 2009

A three day visit to the Manasa Hospital, Shimoga was made on the 29th of October by eleven students of III BA psychology. We were taken on a tour of the entire hospital by one of the doctors. She showed us around the different wards and therapy centres and also the different kinds of patients present. Dr.Sandhya gave us an introduction class about the various disorders, after which she brought one of the patients’ husband to the session. He spoke to us about his wife who had been suffering from OCD and how difficult it had become to live with her. This was followed by the doctor taking us around to a few other places, including the room where narcoanalysis is done. In the afternoon we were divided into groups of three and we had to interact with a patient each and his/her relatives and try to diagnose the disorder. This was quite an interesting session as none of us had any previous experience of direct interaction with patients. The last session of the day was an interactive one with Dr. Ashok Pai, the director of the institute. He spoke to us mainly about possession disorder and his experience on the field.
The next day consisted only of exposure session where we were first taken to a school for mentally and other disabled children. We spent the entire morning there and had a lot of direct interaction with the children who were of all ages.
After lunch we were taken to rehabilitation centre for people with mental disorders.

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