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Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. A good deal of human behavior however familiar is still puzzling and mysterious to us .Therefore a course in psychology will help one to understand the complexities of human behavior and answers to the why’s and how’s of behavior. The department of Psychology at St. Aloysius College was established in the year 2000. Since its inception it has to its credit many innovations in teaching and learning, participated and won many events at the intercollegiate and national level. Students have produced documentaries, journals, etc. Seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions, reviews are a regular feature of the department. The department also offers a certificate course in basic skills in counseling for students of Psychology

The Psychology department of St Aloysius College is well furnished with a department library, two well-equipped laboratories, educational models, charts and CD’s. The department employs innovative teaching techniques including power point presentations, paper presentations, group discussions, reactions to articles, collaborative learning, peer assisted learning, case analysis, practice journal, self-management projects, etc.

Best practices of the Department

Cooperative learning or Jigsaw: Assignments are assigned to different groups after every chapter to enable the weaker students to enhance their writing skills and to boost their confidence. It makes every member of the group equally valuable.

Group Presentation: Students are asked to present the relevant topics related to the subject but not included in the syllabus. The PowerPoint presentation is done by the students. It gives them practice to develop the skill of public speaking in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Group discussions: Group discussions are conducted after every chapter to enable the students to get more connected to the course. It enables the students to think about, recognize, and express views about course material.

Group Projects: Students are assigned group projects. This gives them practice for report writing, applying   statistical procedures learnt in practical classes.

Community sensitization programmes/Service learning: Final year students are sent to Old age home, are expected to give programs for inmates and make a psychological analysis of it. Second year students are sent to Aloysian Boys Home, conduct programs for them and make a psychological analysis of it. Visit to Sneha Sadan, Cancer hospital, and Special school. Vacation clinical exposure program of three to four days in various psychiatric hospitals in the fifth semester. Students have to turn in their reports of their visits which includes objectives/purpose/ analysis/ conclusions.

Journal: students are expected to maintain and submit journals from third to sixth semester. It includes reports and psychological analysis of visits, project reports of their visits to preschool, school, exposure visits, case study, group discussions, reading analysis, book reviews, and reaction to articles, SWOT analysis, and personality assessments.

Publications: Annual Journal of the department “Psyche” consisting of the original work done by the students is brought out. Original research work of the students with the assistance of the supervisors are published –Return to innocence, Peek- a –boo. (Copies available in the dept library)

Documentaries: students make documentaries related to the subject and the same are used as a teaching aid. Some of the documentaries made are –Multiple births, play behavior, peer relations, abortion, sunset years etc

Workshops conducted: Learning disability, Hypnosis, Autism, Cognitive behavior therapy, Critical incident stress debriefing therapy and Life skills.

Certificate course: Department offers a certificate course in Basic skills in counseling to final year students of psychology and to students of other disciplines.

Services offered by the Department

Personal counseling

Aptitude testing and career counseling

Training programs for teachers in behavior management, counseling skills, classroom management.

Post graduate courses

Msc Counselling

Msc Corporate Psychology